3 Ways To De-Clutter Home Theaters With A Dumpster Rental

18 July 2023
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As new technology gets released, your home theater will go through a lot of changes. The changes could include upgrades, changes in media formats, and all new types of technology you never had before. Instead of just letting the old technology collect dust with the new home theater equipment, check out some of the ways to help de-clutter your home theater space.

With the use of a dumpster rental, you can de-clutter quickly and enjoy a home theater that feels modern and clean.

1. Get Rid of Old Blu-Ray and DVD Cases

With streaming apps, you may not touch your home media disc collection as much, but the movie collections can take up a ton of space. You will want to keep the movies just in case you're feeling nostalgic or run into internet issues and do not have streaming access. Ideally, you should purchase a disc binder to hold your movies.

Once you fill a binder with all the discs, you can toss out the bulky cases and save a ton of space on your shelves. The disc binders will also help keep your discs dust-free and protected. Simply toss all of the empty cases into a dumpster.

2. Go Through A Cable Purge

The number of connection cables you have can quickly add up. While modern devices often rely on Ethernet and HDMI cables, you may have a large collection of coaxial, RCA, and S-video cables you no longer use. Go through all the cables you have and toss out the unneeded ones in the dumpster.

Otherwise, the unused cables take up space, collect dust, and may eventually become tangled with each other. If you ever find yourself needing cables in the future, then you can purchase replacements instead of keeping large piles of unused options.

3. Toss Out Unused Pieces of Furniture

Some of the major upgrades to your home theater may include furniture upgrades. You could purchase new reclining chairs, love seats, or end tables to hold your remote controls. Instead of crowding the room with too many seat options, a dumpster provides an easy to to toss out old pieces of furniture.

You don't have to worry about loading the furniture into a truck or bringing it to the curb where you wait for someone to haul it away. Furniture upgrades and changes in the home theater can really help de-clutter the space and lead to a more comfortable home theater space.

Before you make any major changes to your home theater, rent a dumpster first and take advantage of the rental to really de-clutter. For more information on dumpster rental, contact a rental company in your area.