A Dumpster Does Not Need To Be 'The Elephant In The Room'

3 June 2022
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If renting a dumpster has you concerned, due to either perceived bulkiness or smell factors, it is time to delve further into the truths of dumpster rentals

Dumpster Sizes And Waste Management

Dumpsters come in many sizes and configurations. A dumpster rental business will provide the cubic feet measurement that a particular model will hold. This measurement will relate to the number of waste items that can sufficiently fit inside of a dumpster, prior to placing a lid on one. If a rental customer chooses to select a smaller-sized dumpster, there are many ways to maximize the amount of waste that is placed inside the container.

For instance, a trash compactor can be used to flatten waste that will eventually go into a dumpster. There are also companies that provide 'smash' services. This type of service involves the use of a boom and a rolling arm. These two components can virtually flatten any trash that needs to go inside the dumpster. The decision to use this type of service will allow a larger volume of trash to fit inside of a dumpster than what one would normally expect to store inside of one.

Lids, Accessibility, And Pickups

Choosing to rent a dumpster does not require one to deal with the sight and smell of foul waste products. A rental company often supplies lids that are fully attached to the waste receptacles that they furnish. A lid will provide a dumpster with a waterproof seal. Upon securing a lid, a dumpster will not emit any scents. Additionally, there will be no unsightly views of trash interfering with the appearance of the property that surrounds a waste receptacle.

A dumpster may also contain a side door. This type of waste receptacle will allow an end-user to place trash inside of the dumpster, without needing to hoist items up and over the edge. A dumpster that provides easy access will virtually be like an oversized trash container. This type of dumpster is non-intimidating to use.

Because a rental dumpster is a waste container that is owned by another party, a rental customer will never be burdened with the task of disposing of waste items. A dumpster can be set up in a discreet and convenient location. Upon discussing the waste pickup needs that a client has, a rental company facilitator will make arrangements for a rental customer to have their trash picked up and hauled away.