Setting Up Trash Removal Services For Your Business

29 October 2021
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Trash that is left around too long can become a serious problem, so ensuring trash removal is handled efficiently is critical to any business. Retail shops, restaurants, and office buildings all produce trash, but the type of trash removal they each use may be different. 

Dumpster Rentals

Dealing with trash removal often means renting a dumpster for your business. The size and type of dumpster needed may be different for each business type, so determining what you need is the first step in setting up trash removal for your business. 

Often, the best way to decide what you need is to sit down with the trash removal service in your area and discuss the kinds of trash you are disposing of and the volume that your business generates. If you are unsure how much waste you produce, you can start with an average size dumpster and upgrade it later if you determine it is too small. The trash removal service can give you an idea of what other businesses in your industry and size range are using for their trash to help determine a starting point. 

Dumpster Placement

Once you settle on the dumpster size, you need to decide where to put it. Most businesses place their dumpster in an area of the property that clients or customers can't see, but the trash removal service can still get a truck into when it is time to empty the dumpster.

If you do not have a place to place the dumpster out of sight, you may want to put up a privacy fence around the dumpster to keep all the trash in one place. If you go that route, be sure to allow enough room for the dumpster to get in and check with the trash removal service to see if they have any special requirements for the enclosure. 

Special Situations

There are times when a trash removal service may recommend something different for your business. For instance, businesses that generate a lot of cardboard waste may benefit from having a trash dumpster and a cardboard dumpster for boxes. 

Separating the cardboard from the rest of the trash will save room, and some trash removal services will provide the recycling dumpster free because the cost is offset by the sale of the recycled cardboard later. Additionally, some restaurants may want to consider individual containers for food waste, general trash, and grease and oil from the kitchen. 

Discuss all the options with the trash removal service in your area so they can recommend the best services for your situation, and help you maintain a clean and professional business that people will want to visit

For more information on waste removal, contact a company near you.