3 Categories Of Waste That Debris Boxes Can Be Used For

27 October 2021
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Whether you have recently weathered a natural disaster or are in the middle of a large home renovation project, you may have found yourself needing to get rid of more debris than you know what to do with. This is where debris box rental can help.

Debris boxes, or roll-off dumpsters, are a good solution for a variety of projects that require large-scale cleanup. This guide will illustrate the usefulness and importance of dumpster rental services by explaining three categories of waste that debris boxes can be used for.

1. Structural Debris

One of the most common uses of roll-off dumpsters is disposing of structural debris from your home. For example, it's a good idea to rent a debris box if you are knocking down a wall for a new addition. The materials that make up the walls and framing of most homes can be safely disposed of in a debris box. Materials in this category include wood, concrete, sheet rock, bricks and other masonry, and glass.

2. Household Items

With a few exceptions, most types of household trash can be disposed of in a debris box. Whether you are moving or simply cutting down on unnecessary clutter, a roll-off dumpster can help. You can use your dumpster for clothes, wooden furniture, toys, and other knickknacks that you no longer need.

Certain types of hazardous household waste are an exception when it comes to using your debris box. Auto waste and appliances must be emptied of any flammable liquids or coolants. Roll-off dumpster rentals also cannot be used for items soiled with biological waste. If you are ever in doubt about throwing something away, give your debris box rental company a call and ask about the items you need to dispose of.

3. Roofing Shingles

Roof repair is another project category that can go much more smoothly with dumpster debris box rental. Most companies will allow you to dispose of roofing shingles in your roll-off dumpster. However, your dumpster rental company may have special instructions for using your dumpster to haul heavy roofing materials like clay tiles or slate shingles. Some providers will give you a specific weight or fill-height limit for these materials.

Debris box rental is essential for homeowners with small yards or strict guidelines from their homeowners association. When you need a solution to remove large amounts of debris from your home and yard, a local dumpster debris box rental company can help.