A Comprehensive Guide To Hauling And Disposing Of Sludge And Biosolids

24 September 2021
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Industries that treat wastewater have to deal with hazardous byproducts, including biosolids and sludge frequently. Biosolids are the materials left behind after the separation of liquids from sewage. These solids undergo chemical and physical treatment to form nutrient-rich semisolid materials called biosolids or sewage sludge. This article tells you more about hauling and disposing of biosolids and sludge using rented dump trucks.

Essentials of Dump Trailers

Dump trailers go by numerous names, including dump trucks and dumpers. These are heavy-duty vehicles designed to hold and transport significant quantities of materials like biosolids and sludge. There are several types of dump trucks to choose from, including standard dump trucks, transfer dump trucks, super dump trucks, and side dump trucks. Different dump trucks come with different designs and features. However, most have a few common parts, such as the cabin and dump box. The cabin is the driver's compartment, and the dump box gets filled with transport materials. These trucks use hydraulic systems to lift and tip the load in the dump box.

Tips for Effective Biosolids and Sludge Disposal Using Dump Trailers

The following tips help you handle biosolids and other waste materials safely and effectively:

1. Know you waste

There are two main categories of biosolids: Class A and Class B. You can use Class A biosolids as fertilizer on agricultural land and public access areas like private lawns. On the other hand, the usage of Class B biosolids is strictly limited to agricultural land. By knowing your waste and the components it contains, you can store, transport, and use it accordingly.

2. Waste volume

Dealing with waste sludge requires the correct number of trucks. Otherwise, using fewer trucks will compromise the efficiency and the speed of operations. You can correctly estimate the volume of waste at hand from the size and number of storage containers used. This information helps you rent the dump trunks required to load, transport, and dispose of your biosolids and sludge conveniently.

3. Pick the right dump truck

Most business owners prefer renting dump trailers rather than buying them. Rental companies allow you to rent dumpers when you need them and spare you the financial burden of purchasing them. However, these trucks come in different sizes. Consequently, choosing the size is crucial to dispose of the waste without making too many trips. That is the best way to avoid overpaying.

4. Storage site

Your waste needs proper storage as it accumulates and awaits hauling and disposal by hired experts and their dump trucks. The best solution for that is an onsite storage facility. But first, find airtight containers that won't spill or leak during transportation. Use these containers to store waste in a facility with entrance and exit points that the dump trucks can access easily.  

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