5 Questions to Answer When Selling a Junk Car

7 June 2021
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You can get rid of an old car and make a little bit of money by selling it to a junk buyer. They will strip the car for scrap and parts, which is often the only value that remains in older, broken-down vehicles.

1. Do You Have the Title?

You must be able to prove ownership of the vehicle before a junkyard will buy it. The easiest way to do this is with the title of the vehicle. It must clearly show you as the owner. If there are multiple owners on the vehicle, you may need them present or they may need to sign a title release before you can sell the car. This will depend on state laws in your area. Contact the DMV to request a new title if you no longer have the title to the vehicle. 

2. Can the Car Be Driven?

Getting the car to the junk buyer is something you may need to figure out. If the car is drivable, you can take it to the buyer that way. The local DMV can provide you with a temporary registration to move the vehicle if the tags are expired. A nonworking car must be towed. Some junk buyers provide free towing, while others will deduct the cost of towing from the amount they are paying for the car. 

3. Have You Released Ownership?

You will need to make sure that ownership is released at the time you transfer the car to the junk buyer. Otherwise, you may be held liable if the vehicle is in any accidents after it leaves your hands. Many states have a form that is signed by both you and the owner, which is then filed with the DMV. You may also be able to submit the ownership transfer and release forms online. 

4. Is the Car Cleaned Out?

Go through the car carefully before transferring ownership, as once the car is handed over to the junk buyer everything inside of it will belong to them. Remove all personal items, such as compact discs, clothing, and paperwork. Do not leave anything in the glove box with identifying information, such as old registrations or insurance cards. 

5. Should You Strip the Car?

Be careful about stripping the car of valuable parts before selling it to a junk buyer, as those parts could be part of the value that was quoted to you. If you do want to remove some parts, such as a nice stereo system or brand new tires, make sure the buyer is aware that those parts won't be included with the vehicle at the time of transfer. This way they can provide an accurate value quote. 

Contact a buyer that provides cash for junk cars to learn more.